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Golden Age Blend -

Flavour Notes: Hazelnut, Blackberry, Chocolate

$47.50 per 5lb bag

$9.50 per lb / 12oz retail bag

Golden Age is Switchback's 'House' Blend. You will find us pulling this on espresso as standard in our cafes, and chugging it whenever we're just looking for something tasty. We’ve specifically designed this blend to be comforting and approachable, and to be enjoyed with or without milk. We specifically source clean, balanced coffees and carefully blend them to emphasise sweetness, body and just plain ol’ drinkability. This blend works super well both as a house espresso, and as a classic cup of drip coffee. 

The components of this blend will change with the seasons, but we will always be striving to balance sweet, dark fruits, full bodied chocolates and mild acidity to create a cup that is easy to dial in and that everyone can enjoy.

Current Components: 100% El Salvador El Rosario Bourbon


Decaf -

Flavour Notes: Dried Fruit, Milk chocolate, Walnut

$50.00 per 5lb bag

$10.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


This coffee comes to us from the department of Quindio in western Colombia. This area is criss-crossed by the Andes mountains, giving way to some of the best conditions for growing coffee anywhere in the world. This lot was selected at the farm for it’s great flavors, and then sent locally to be decaffeinated using a fermented sugar cane reduction. This decaffeination process seals in all of the natural flavors found in the coffee, and really preserves its sweetness. In the cup you will find flavors of chocolate, walnuts and subtle dried fruits.


Ecuador Finca La Papaya - 

Flavour Notes: Jasmine, Candied Lemon, Caramel

$75.00 per 5lb bag

$15.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag

Fina La Papaya is a beautiful farm located in the hills of Southern Ecuador. Juan Pena, who owns the farm, is a multi-generational farmer, but he’s very new to coffee. Until five years ago, Don Pena was a long stem rose producer. Unfortunately, disastrous weather struck, destroying all of his roses, and he decided to abandon growing roses and turn his focus to coffee. He has taken his detail-oriented approach to rose farming, and applied it to coffee, leading to some truly stunning lots. This approach, combined with the staggering altitude of his farms, has lead to some absolutely incredible lots of coffee, like this one. Look for intense florals, like jasmine and honeysuckle, bright citrus like clementine and candied lemon, all tied together with mouth-coasting caramel in the aftertaste.   


Guatemala Pedro Trejos Microlot - 

Flavour Notes: Chocolate Orange, Hazelnut, Dried Fruit

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag

Pedro Trejo is a lifelong coffee grower from the town of San Pedro la Laguna on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán. Like many farmers in San Pedro, he does not own a particular farm per se, but rather several small plots scattered along the slope of Volcan San Pedro. Pedro Trejo’s plots range from 1650 to a staggering 2000 meters above sea level. After picking his coffee cherries, he delivers them to a co-operative, the Asociación de Productores de Café Atitlán (AProCafé). Like all members of AProCafé, Mr. Pedro grows his coffee using only organic fertilizer and other natural implements.

Pedro Trejo’s coffee is washed and dried at AProCafé’s central wet mill called Valle del Eskoll, located in the town of Cerro de Oro. After depulping, washing station manager Oscar Julajuj (hula-hooj) allows the coffee to ferment for 12-24 hours, washes it, then dries the coffee on patio. This is the second year Pedro Trejo’s coffee has been separated from the association as a whole, as it is of an excellent quality.


Congo SOPACADI Co-operative - 

Flavour Notes: Cranberry, Molasses, Cola

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag

The SOPACDI Co-operative is located in the highlands near Lake Kivu, in the far east of Congo, near the border with Rwanda. The co-op is made up of 5600 farmers from different ethnic groups producing some of the finest coffees in Africa. After years of conflict and civil-war, this fairtrade certified coffee promotes working together for a better future in Congo.

This coffee is the first coffee to achieve the top quality grade in Congo since 1967, and provides an insight into the quality potential that exists in the country. It’s testament to how far the processing and sorting practices have come in the last few years, and we are super excited to see quality to continue to improve in Congo. In the cup look for bright flavours of cranberry and orange, deep sweetness like molasses and cola, and a medium, effervescent body.


Kenya Nchengo Estate AB - 

Flavour Notes: Rosehip, Blackcurrant, Maple Syrup

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag

The Nchengo Estate in south-west Kenya has a long and rich history of growing coffee. Coffee was originally planted on the estate in 1933 by the Coffee Board of Kenya, before being bought by the Kinyua family, who have owned and worked on the estate for the last four generations.

The estate is located on the Ndarugu river which provides plenty of irrigation for the farm, as well as contributing to a uniquely temperate and humid environment, conducive to growing some truly stunning coffees. This particular lot was bought directly from Mr. Kinyua by our friends at Elephant Coffee Importers, and is an excellent example of a classic Kenyan flavor profile. Look out for big, juicy blackcurrant notes, intense florals, bright acidity and a slight savoury complexity. Kenyan coffees are some of our favorites here at Switchback, and this is certainly one of the best ones we have tasted this season.



El Salvador Wild Coffee - 

Taste Notes: Nougat, Figs, Cherries

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


While we were down in El Salvador earlier this year, visiting the Menendez family, they showed us something intriguing. They recently purchased a new farm, high in the mountains, adjacent to their existing Las Delicias farm. This farm that they purchased had been abandoned for eight years. Before revitalising the farm, they decided to harvest all of the cherries that happened to be growing on the existing trees. These cherries were then washed, and put into a lot known only as ‘wild coffee’.

This coffee is truly organic, untouched by human hands for eight years. It truly pays testament to how growing conditions can affect a coffee, even without fertilisers or pruning. In the cup, you’ll find layers upon layers of sweet complexity, like nougat, figs and cherries.