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Golden Age Blend -

Flavour Notes: Hazelnut, Blackberry, Chocolate

$47.50 per 5lb bag

$9.50 per lb / 12oz retail bag

This blend is Switchback’s take on a classic espresso blend. We’ve specifically designed this blend to be comforting and approachable, and to be enjoyed with or without milk. We specifically source clean, balanced coffees and carefully blend them to emphasise sweetness, body and just plain ol’ drinkability.

The components of this blend will change with the seasons, but we will always keep this blend tasting chocolatey, nutty and sweet.  

Current Components:    50% Colombia Pitalito          50% El Salvador El Rosario Bourbon 



Elevation  blend - 

Flavour Notes: Cherries, Milk chocolate, Citrus

$47.50 per 5lb bag

$9.50 per lb / 12oz retail bag


This is our more adventurous espresso blend. Composed of more fruit forward and exotic coffees, this coffee will always be exciting. Great to use as a second espresso option, or as the main espresso in cafes serving mainly black coffees or smaller milk drinks. Elevation also works great as a fruity filter coffee. The components of this blend will also change seasonally, but will always be composed of high-quality, fruit forward coffees. 

Current Components:    50% Kenya AA Ndumururo        50% Colombia Pitalito


Decaf -

Flavour Notes: Dried Fruit, Milk chocolate, Walnut

$50.00 per 5lb bag

$10.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


This coffee comes to us from the department of Quindio in western Colombia. This area is criss-crossed by the Andes mountains, giving way to some of the best conditions for growing coffee anywhere in the world. This lot was selected at the farm for it’s great flavors, and then sent locally to be decaffeinated using a fermented sugar cane reduction. This decaffeination process seals in all of the natural flavors found in the coffee, and really preserves its sweetness. In the cup you will find flavors of chocolate, walnuts and subtle dried fruits.


El Salvador Santa Barbara Pacamara - 

Flavour Notes: Concord grape, Green apple, Creamy

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


It’s been a couple of years since we last had a pacamara lot at Switchback, but these big beans are one of our favourites. This one comes from our friends in El Salvador, the Menendez family, who have been growing coffee for generations. The Pacamara lots that they produce are always some of the most interesting and tastiest coffees that we get all year, and we’re super excited to be able to offer one again.

Pacamaras are known for their large bean size, there heavy body and their bright acidity, and this one follows through. Brew it up and look for flavours of concord grapes, green apples and a big, creamy body.



Burundi Mikuba lot #13 -

Flavour Notes: Raspberry, Cucumber, Apple cider

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


Burundi is a small, landlocked country in central Africa. Despite it’s small size and rocky history, the hills that crisscross the country hold so much potential with their fertile soils and unique micro-climates. Working in the coffee industry in Burundi can be a challenge - washing stations can be few and far between, exporting coffee requires crossing numerous legal hurdles, and travelling around the country, especially to the remote areas that coffee is grown in, can be taxing. But for one family in particular, the Carlson family, this was no problem. The coffee growing potential, wonderful culture and serene landscapes were more than enough to convince them to pack up their family, move to this small country, and work towards increasing coffee quality and making sure that farmers were getting paid fairly for their hard work. And with that passion, they started the Long Miles Coffee Project. 

We’ve been huge fans of the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi for a long time now, and we’re super excited to finally be able to offer their coffee. The Long Miles Coffee Project is an initiative that was started by Ben and Kristy Carlson in 2012, with the intent of bringing about direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers. After moving to Burundi, the Carlson’s quickly realised that they couldn’t offer fair prices to the farmers they work with, nor ensure the quality of the coffee they sold to roasters, without building a washing station of their own. And so, in 2013, they set about building a single washing station to make that dream a reality. By the time the washing station was built, and the first harvest was taking place, they had sold all of the coffee to roasters before it even hit the drying table. Since 2013, the project has come a long way, and now they operate washing stations throughout the country, and are regarded as some of the most innovative, inspirational coffee producers in the world. They have even placed coffees in the top 10 of the Burundi Cup of Excellence competition several times. 

In the time that the project started, we have seen coffee quality from the farmers that they work with increase exponentially, and this coffee from the Heza washing station is testament to that. In English “Heza” means beautiful place, and it’s safe to say that the washing station was pretty aptly named. Getting to the Heza washing station can be difficult, requiring switchbacking up steep mountainsides and crossing hand-made log bridges. But the reward for the journey is more than worth it. With panoramic views of the countryside around them, and they seemingly never-ending East African sky, it truly lives up to it’s name. More than serene views however, the hills around the washing station provide near perfect conditions for growing speciality coffee. High altitudes and a moderate, but moist climate truly bring out the best in the coffees that are grown in the area. This all leads to unique and intense flavors that are an excellent expression of where these coffee were grown. In particular, be on the lookout for fresh flavors of cucumber and honeydew, the brightness of raspberries, and the slightly spicy complexity and sweetness of apple cider.



Ethiopia Adado Natural - 

Flavour Notes: Berries, Chamomile, Floral

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


Hailing from the famous Yirgacheffe region of Western Ethiopia, this natural processed coffee is a stunner. Bursting to the seams with bold flavors of strawberries, blueberries, cherries and tropical fruits, it's sure to keep you coming back, sip after sip. 

This coffee comes to us from the Adado washing station, located in the village of Shara in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Smallholder coffee farmers that live around the village, each tending just a few hundred trees, deliver their ripe coffee cherries to the washing station during harvest time. Once at the station, they are meticulously sorted by hand, to remove any unripe, or defected cherries, ensuring only the cleanest, sweetest beans end up in our cup. Once sorting is complete, they are moved to raised african beds, where the coffee beans are dried under the sun, whilst still inside of the cherries. This process locks in the sweet fruity flavors found in the cherries, leading to a coffee that tastes like none other. 


Brazil Fazenda Corréga Catitu -

Flavour Notes: Tropical, Sugary, Pear

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


Brazil is the largest coffee coffee producing country in the world, producing over 45 million bags of coffee a year. Despite this volume, a lot of the coffee they produce never makes it to the specialty market. Coffee trees are often mechanically strip picked, with no regard given to the ripeness or quality of the cherries.

This coffee from eastern Brazil is an example of the coffees that can come out of the country, when dedicated farmers intentionally decide to focus on producing high quality speciality coffee. In the mountains that run along the border between Minas Gerais province and Espirito Santos province lies some of the best areas in Brazil for growing coffee. This particular coffee comes to us from Fazenda Córrego Catitu on the Espirito Santos side of the mountains. Mr. Vazzoler, who runs the farm, focuses on growing superior varietals like catuai and bourbon, and only picking them when they're at the peak of ripeness. This focus on quality has led to a delicious coffee which is sugary sweet, syrupy and tropical, quite atypical of your average Brazilian coffee.


El Salvador Wild Coffee - 

Taste Notes: Nougat, Figs, Cherries

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag


While we were down in El Salvador earlier this year, visiting the Menendez family, they showed us something intriguing. They recently purchased a new farm, high in the mountains, adjacent to their existing Las Delicias farm. This farm that they purchased had been abandoned for eight years. Before revitalising the farm, they decided to harvest all of the cherries that happened to be growing on the existing trees. These cherries were then washed, and put into a lot known only as ‘wild coffee’.

This coffee is truly organic, untouched by human hands for eight years. It truly pays testament to how growing conditions can affect a coffee, even without fertilisers or pruning. In the cup, you’ll find layers upon layers of sweet complexity, like nougat, figs and cherries.



Colombia Pitalito - 

Flavour Notes: Butterscotch, Peach, Pineapple

$55.00 per 5lb bag

$11.00 per lb / 12oz retail bag 


The town of Pitalito is surrounded by the steep hillsides that make us the foothills of the Andes Mountains, and, on these hillsides grow thousand upon thousands of coffee trees. The combination of soil, sun and rain contribute to the unique flavor profile of this coffee. This is quite a large lot of coffee, and it's somewhat rare that a lot so large is such high quality. We love this coffee so much that we decided to use it as 50% of our espresso blend, as well as releasing it in it's own right.

We roasted this coffee to specifically highlight it's notes of pineapple and peaches, and bring the super sweet base of butterscotch and caramel to the front. This coffee really reminded us of tropical fruit juice, especially as it cooled, so we're super excited to bring this refreshing coffee to you all summer!