Brazil | Fazenda Córrego Catitu

Brazil | Fazenda Córrego Catitu



Region: Espirito Santos
Farm/Mill: Fazenda Córrego Catitu
Producers:  Utemar Antonio Vazzoler
Process: Pulped Natural
Varietal: Catuai, Bourbon


Brazil is the largest coffee coffee producing country in the world, producing over 45 million bags of coffee a year. Despite this volume, a lot of the coffee they produce never makes it to the specialty market. Coffee trees are often mechanically strip picked, with no regard given to the ripeness or quality of the cherries.
This coffee from eastern Brazil is an example of the coffees that can come out of the country, when dedicated farmers intentionally decide to focus on producing high quality speciality coffee. In the mountains that run along the border between Minas Gerais province and Espirito Santos province lies some of the best areas in Brazil for growing coffee. This particular coffee comes to us from Fazenda Córrego Catitu on the Espirito Santos side of the mountains. Mr. Vazzoler, who runs the farm, focuses on growing superior varietals like catuai and bourbon, and only picking them when they're at the peak of ripeness. This focus on quality has led to a delicious coffee which is sugary sweet, syrupy and tropical, quite atypical of your average Brazilian coffee.

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