Ecuador | Finca La Papaya | Limited Release

Ecuador | Finca La Papaya | Limited Release


Details - 

Region: Saraguro, Quito

Farm/Mill: Finca La Papaya

Producer: Juan Pena

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Typica

Altitude: 2100 MASL

Finca La Papaya is a beautiful farm located in the hills of Southern Ecuador. Juan Pena, who owns the farm, is a multi-generational farmer, but he’s very new to coffee. Until five years ago, Don Pena was a long stem rose producer. Unfortunately, disastrous weather struck, destroying all of his roses, and he decided to abandon growing roses altogether and turn his focus to coffee. He has taken his detail-oriented approach to rose farming, and applied it to coffee, leading to some truly stunning lots. This approach, combined with the staggering altitude of his farms, has lead to some absolutely incredible lots of coffee, like this one. Look for intense florals like jasmine and tea rose, bright citrus notes of tangerine and candied lemon, all tied together with mouth-coating caramel in the finish. We are truly excited to share this amazing coffee with you.


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