Congo | SOPACDI Co-operative

Congo | SOPACDI Co-operative


Details - 

Region: Lake Kivu

Farm/Mill: SOPACDI Co-operative

Producer: Various

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Bourbon and Bourbon Derivatives

Altitude: 1460-2000 MASL

The SOPACDI Co-operative is located in the highlands near Lake Kivu, in the far east of Congo, near the border with Rwanda. The co-op is made up of 5600 farmers from different ethnic groups producing some of the finest coffees in Africa. After years of conflict and civil-war, this fair trade certified coffee promotes working together for a better future in Congo.

This coffee is the first coffee to achieve the top quality grade in Congo since 1967, and provides an insight into the quality potential that exists in the country. It’s testament to how far the processing and sorting practices have come in the last few years, and we are super excited to see quality to continue to improve in Congo. In the cup look for bright flavours of cranberry and orange, deep sweetness like molasses, and a medium, round body.


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