Brazil Fazenda Córrega Catitu

We love to be surprised by things. Especially when those things are to do with coffee. And that’s exactly what happened when we first tasted this coffee from Fazenda Córrega Catitu in Brazil.


Brazil grows more coffee than every other country on earth - around 45 million bags per year. To achieve this volume however, they rely on large, automated machines to pick and process their coffee. They often strip pick coffee cherries off of the trees, with no regard to the ripeness of the coffee cherry. In Brazil, almost all of their coffee is naturally processed, where the coffee bean is dried inside of the coffee cherry, which can often lead to funky, off flavours. As such, most of the coffee from Brazil ends up in the commodity market, to be bought up by large coffee brands, finally ending up pre-ground, in a can and on your supermarket shelf.


With the boom of the speciality coffee market in the last couple of decades however, some Brazilian coffee producers have made the decision to start focusing on quality instead of quantity, and we’re starting to see some really delicious coffee coming from the country. Even so, the majority of even speciality coffee coming from Brazil is quite mild and nutty. Great to use as a base for your espresso blend, but often not so exciting when featured as a single origin coffee.


When we first tasted Fazenda Córrega Catitu it was during a blind cupping next to about 25 other coffees from all around the world. This particular coffee really stood out to us, with it’s big, fruit-forward flavours and super creamy body. Since we tasted it blind, we really had no idea what it could be. The fruitiness reminded us of an Ethiopian coffee, but the body was much more like something from Central America. The last thing we guessed it could be was a Brazilian Coffee.


Needless to say, all of our expectations for what a Brazilian coffee can be have been smashed, and we are super excited to be able to offer this coffee to all of you. Look for big tropical fruit flavours, red berries, pear and and super sweet and creamy finish.


You can grab a bag of this in our cafe, on on our webstore now.