El Salvador and The Menedez Family

We love the Fall here at Switchback. The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder and it's the perfect season to stare out of the window sipping a cappuccino. And, perhaps most importantly, coffees from El Salvador are arriving. 

For the last couple of years, we've been showcasing coffees from the Menendez family, mostly from two of their highest elevation farms Las Delicias and Finca El Rosario. Miguel Menendez Sr, a third generation coffee farmer, manages eight farms in the mountainous region of Apaneca-Ilamatapec in El Salvador. On these farms he mostly grows the traditionally El Salvadorian varietal of bourbon, but he has also expanded out into to some more unusual and experimental varietals like caturra and pacamara, and even tabi and geisha. Miguel Sr's dedication and passion to growing coffee has led him to become one of the most renowned coffee farmers in all of El Salvador. 

This year, we brought in three different coffees from three different farms. Two of these coffees will be available as single origin coffees, in our cafe and online, as well as in select wholesale accounts, and the other one is currently featured in our Golden Age espresso blend. 

Las Delicias Pacamara - 

The first of these coffees is a 100% Pacamara lot from the Menedez's highest farm, Las Delicias. Pacamara coffees are known for their huge bean size, creamy body and bright, fruity acidity, especially when grown at a high altitude. This one follows thorough on those stereotypes, with a huge, creamy body, sweet flavors of concord grape and milk chocolate, and a bright, yet balanced acidity of a fresh, juicy green apple. We only have a couple bags of this delightful coffee, so make sure you grab some before its too late. You can pick up a bag here. 

El Salvador Wild Coffee - 

While we were down in El Salvador earlier this year, visiting the Menendez family, they showed us something intriguing. They recently purchased a new farm, high in the mountains, adjacent to their existing farm, Santa Barbara. This farm that they purchased had been abandoned for eight years, but before revitalising the farm, they decided to harvest all of the cherries were naturally growing on the existing trees. These cherries were then washed, and put into a lot known only as wild coffee.

This coffee is truly organic as it gets, untouched by human hands for eight years. It truly pays testament to how growing conditions can affect a coffee, even without fertilisers or pruning. This is the only harvest that this coffee will be wild, since the farmers will start revitalising the plants and surrounding trees this coming year. In the cup, you’ll find layers upon layers of sweet complexity, like nougat, figs and cherries. You can pick up a bag here.