Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend



Region: Costa Rica, Congo, Ethiopia 

Farm/Mill: Various 

Producer: Various

Process: Washed, Honey and Natural

Varietal: Various

Altitude: 1450 - 2100 MASL


At Switchback we believe that all people are meant to belong, and that, in our unique differences, we are better together. And this coffee is a representation of that. Three different coffees, three different processes, three different countries; all of which are delicious on their own, but, in their unique differences, are better together.

In this years rendition of our holiday blend you will find three different coffees, all blended together in equal proportions. The first, a washed coffee from Congo, brining flavors of bright cranberry and molasses. Next, you'll find a honey processed coffee from Costa Rica, lending sweet flavors of milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Finally, you'll find a natural processed Ethiopian coffee, finishing off the blend with deep flavors of dark chocolate covered blueberries and slight baking spices. These three distinct coffees come together to make something greater than the some of their parts; an easy, accessible blend with flavors of cranberry, plums and a deep, creamy body. 

We designed this holiday blend to be enjoyed by everyone, the kind of coffee that your whole family can get together with and enjoy. It’s easy to brew, works well with and without milk, and can be brewed on almost any device. We hope you enjoy this blend as much as we do! Happy holidays!

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