Black Eagle VA388


Espresso machine technology has changed a lot throughout the years, and we at Switchback always want to be at the top of our game. That's why, despite our love for our previous machine, we decided to upgrade and install a brand new Vitoria Arduino Black Eagle VA388 Gravimetric espresso machine.  This new machine will allow us to serve tastier coffee, faster and more consistently on a day to day basis. Here's how:


Gravimetric Technology

One of the main features of the Black Eagle is their gravimetric measuring system. Underneath each grouphead is a built in scale. When you place your cup underneath the grouped and start pulling a shot, the scales begin weighing what is coming out. The weight of the espresso is displayed live, on a screen. The shot will automatically stop itself when it has reached your desired weight and is accurate to >1g. 


This accuracy and precision will greatly help us to serve our guests better. We will now be absolutely sure that every coffee that we serve is exactly how we want it to be. We're also now able to perform other tasks while pulling a shot, meaning that drinks will be coming out faster than ever. 


Sleek Design

Not only does the Black Eagle look incredibly sleek and clean on our bar, but it's also considerably lower than our previous machine. This gives us more of an opportunity to see all of our guests beautiful faces, and serve them better than ever before. 


Powerful Steam Wands

The steam wands built into the Black Eagle put out a powerful, dry steam. This dry steam means that our steamed milk will be even sweeter and creamier than it was before, and we can steam it in about half the time, meaning drinks will be flying out across the bar. 


A Second Grinder

In addition to the Black Eagle, we have also installed a second Mythos One espresso grinder. We will be using this grinder to serve up single origin espresso, designed specifically to taste great as black coffee. We will be using this coffee as our standard for espressos and americanos from now on.