We believe all people are meant to belong - and in our

unique differences - we are better together.


It is our mission, to create a genuine sense of belonging that encourages intentional conversation between diverse communities. It is our hope, that these connections will inspire honest and selfless living that unites our neighborhood, our city, and beyond our borders.





Switchback Coffee Roasters was started by two friends in a garage in 2010.  Since then, Switchback has moved from the garage, to a warehouse, to a retail space and eventually to the thriving Roastery it exists as today.  We’ve supplied and supply many local businesses in Colorado Springs, from coffee shops to law firms and have recently expanded to supply several places across the country.


Switchback’s heart has always been the same; we love coffee and love engaging in the community and creating a space where great conversations can happen.  With that, in early 2014 Switchback Coffee took over Fifty Fifty Coffee House from their friends who’d they’d partnered with for the past few years working side by side.


The whole journey has been exciting as we pursue our passion for coffee and people.  Join us in the journey.